Promote Pages, Posts and Products

PostSkin makes it easier than ever to feature literally any type of content you want, in your way. Our Editor can automatically pull in graphics and descriptions, or you can add them manually.

Place Anywhere on Your Blog in Seconds

Whether you want your content to be featured in your header, sidebar, at the bottom of posts, in the middle of pages or anywhere else you can think of, PostSkin enables you to do this with ease!

Click-Tracking Shows You What's Hot

Never be in the dark again about what your readers are actually interested in. Our built-in Click Tracking gives you valuable insights into your audience, so you can adjust your content accordingly.

Fully Customise All Aspects of Your Design

Images, descriptions, font size, font colour, font style and pretty much everything else can be customised in a single click, without having to know any coding whatsoever.

Include Thumbnail Graphics and Descriptions

If a simple list of links is all you’re looking for, PostSkin has you covered. On the other hand, if you want to go all out with descriptions and custom (or automated) graphics, we give you full control over that as well!

Make More Money With an (Optional) Affiliate Link

We’ve taken every step to ensure customers love our product. If you’re one of them, you can add a small ‘powered by’ link to Skins anywhere on your blog and make 50% of every PostSkin sale if you enable this option — remember that it is optional!

Option One

Use the default shortcode to place Skins easily in posts, pages or anywhere else that your current theme will support. An example shortcode would be:

[postskin skin="Skin name here"]

Option Two

Use our widget option to easily place Skins in your sidebar, footer or anywhere else your theme allows.

Option Three

Your shortcode automatically makes a Skin fit to the width of where it’s placed. If you like, you can specify the width:

[postskin skin="Skin name here" width="300px"]

Does it give the option for links to open in a new window? Does it let me track clicks so I can see what my audience finds interesting? Does it let me add the no-follow attribute to all links?

Does it come with lifetime free updates? Does one copy let me put this on all of my sites? Does it work if I’m using Thesis?

Does it automatically generate thumbnails from post images? Does the back-end have a really simple interface? Does it come with a 60-day moneyback guarantee?

Does it let me show post snippets if I want to? Does it make me better looking? Does it come with excellent support?

If you have more questions, feel free to send us an email.